The Kitchen Garden

Whilst we have a lovely big garden that is deliberately left a bit wild, so that we can have fun, the boss spends a lot of time in the courtyard garden where she grows herbs, vegetables and fruit, some of which we are allowed to eat - occasionally!
The boss did get a bit cross when she discovered that Anika (not known as the Asbo Kid for nothing) had eaten not the plants, but the compost they were growing in. She had a bright idea and that's why the containers are now surrounded by puppy pens - not to keep the plants in, but to keep us out!

Just because these are mostly plants we can eat, it doesn't mean that the garden can't be pretty. Plants like Ivy that would make us ill are kept out of reach. Do you like the lovely Cesky Terrier hanging basket brackets that you can see reflected in the mirror? They come from the Profiles range.

Some of the herbs are very special to us. Did you know that Rosemary means 'remembrance'? We have three containers of Rosemary. One is quite old, and reminds us of Abba - a dog who was loved by everyone. The other two haven't been there quite so long. One is for Great Aunt Gloria, and the other for our very special Pamatka - mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to Team Ridley - who left us last year.